Dartboard Height Regulations (Official Height from Floor)

Dartboard Height (Proper Official Height from Floor)

The dartboard is something that is fun to play with about anyone there is. It can be your grandfather, mother, father, friend, who you play dartboard with. No matter what the strength- everyone is an equal competitor, everyone has an equal chance of scoring and winning.

However, if you do not follow the rules of the game right- there is always doubt about who is actually the best player. Issues like, “He would not have been able to do it if the dartboard was placed a bit farther” come up. That is why it is necessary that you set the dartboard right. From height to the distance to the angle of the board from the throwing line, you have to make sure that you are doing it right.

But, finding the right location, position, and height is always hard, isn’t it? Therefore, let’s find out how to hang a dartboard and the dartboard proper hanging height from floor/ground.

How to hang a dartboard: Everything Precise

Every game has some prerequisites, darts can not be out of those. For perfect darts gaming environment, you have to hang the dartboard perfectly and preferably as the official regulations desire.

Find the perfect location for hanging.

The first thing you have to do is to select the right location for the dartboard. There are quite a few considerations in this case. The first is the space you have for the dartboard. While you do not need a lot of space, you need just enough space to stand as away from the dartboard as you need to be.

In fact, the standard length from the dartboard room the 11 feet in length and the width you need is 5 feet. Now, if you are setting it up at your home, you can reduce the distance a bit but it is best if you do not. Furthermore, if you think that you will have spectators then you will have to keep enough room for them to sit or stand around too.

Then, you have to consider the surrounding. Is there any furniture that could get in the way when you are shooting? Furniture can act as a distraction so it is best to avoid keeping furniture in the area you play dart.

Choosing the right background.

Darts are not exactly very innocent and harmless. They have sharp tips that can really damage concrete walls and wooden floors. In fact, it can hurt humans as well. So, you have to care about where you place the dartboard.

Do not place it on a window, or such a surface that can easily open or get punctured. In fact, you can mount it on the wall by placing a dart mat first. Apparently, this dart mat will take care of the missed shots. How? It will catch the darts that miss the board and prevent the sharp tips of the dart from puncturing the wall.

Measuring the height from the ground.

This is the most important consideration when it comes to hanging dartboards. Apparently, the distance from the ground to the bullseye is always the same- it is a standard. In fact, it is 5 feet and 8 inches.

What makes it difficult to apply is that the height is from the bullseye. You have to measure the upper part of the dartboard, from the point it hangs to the bullseye and add it to 5 feet and 8 inches. Then, you have to mark the wall in parts. One for the 5 feet and 8-inch height so that the bullseye is right there. And, another, for the total height of the hanging point of the dartboard to the ground. Find the standard dartboard distance regulations here.

Mount the backing board disc.

This is something you use mainly to protect the wall from all kinds of holes. You neither want installation holes on your wall nor holes from darts. So, you mount the disc and mark the points of hanging again.

Screw in the mounting brackets.

It is now time to make the base point of the dartboard strong. The mounting brackets will hold the dartboard so you want it to be firm and straight. So, screw them on the backing board disc and make sure you are not tilting it or ruining its straight line. Then, you are quite ready to hang the dartboard itself.

Secure the dartboard in place.

If you have done the previous steps correctly and also measured everything right, then it is time to experience perfection by hanging the dartboard. You have to place the dartboard right- make sure you are not tilting it. Then, check that the height from the bullseye is 5 feet and 8 inches. Once you get that right- everything else will fall into place.

You are pretty much done with the hardest part of hanging a dartboard.

Mark the throwing line.

Now, it is time to decide where you will shoot from. Apparently, the normal distance from the set up to the throw line is 7.25 feet. Other than that, the distance from the soft board is 8 feet. You have to ensure the tape you use to mark the throwline is at least 3 feet in width.

Know the history of darts game and the best darts players of all time.

Now, you are done. That is pretty much everything you have to do to create a place for playing darts. You know the height from the floor to the bullseyes and form the board to the player. In fact, these are the only two things you need to be accurate about.

The rest will fall into place themselves.

Darts used by the legendary professionals

Let’s come to the point and note down the darts used by the best dart player over the globe. Based on the preferences they have, you may find the best suits for your darting.

Michael Smith

Darts preference: Unicorn Silver Star 80% Tungsten – Michael Smith#8784-8788 (26)

Gerwyn Price

Preferred darts: Red Dragon Gerwyn Price 24g Tungsten Darts Set with Flights and Stems

Rob Cross

Preferred darts: Target Darts Rob Cross 23G Steel Tip

James Wade

Preferred darts: PerfectDarts 20g Unicorn James Wade Purist Phase 2 DNA Tungsten Darts Set

Adrian Lewis

Preferred darts: Adrian Lewis G3 23g Steel Tip Darts

Phil Taylor

Preferred darts: Target Darts Power 9Five G5 26g Steel Tip Darts

Raymond van Barneveld

Preferred darts: Target Darts 23G Raymond Van Barneveld 95% 23G Steel Tip Dart S2017

Gary Anderson

Preferred darts: 24g Unicorn Gary Anderson Purist Phase 2 Tungsten Darts Set

Peter Wright

Preferred darts: Red Dragon Peter Wright Snakebite Rainbow Mamba: 22g Tungsten Darts Set with Flights and Stem

Michael van Gerwen

Preferred darts: XQ Max Darts Michael Van Gerwen MvG Original 90% Tungsten 23gm Steel tip Dart Set

Finishing Note

A game is more fun and exciting when it is played accurately. While we may not follow all rules blindly, it is necessary that we follow the rules of setting the game up seriously. Because we never know when we might end up playing a professional dartboard tournament.

Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor may guide you some basics with the video below:

Practicing with the standard measurements of the board is necessary to be skilled at the game. Other than that, it also gives a true sense of victory to the winners. So, to make the game more valuable- make sure you use the correct measurement to hand the dartboard. Now, you know everything you need to know in order to hang a dartboard.