Dartboard Official Distance Regulations from Line and Wall

Dartboard Official Distance Regulations

There are games in which strength matters the most. The faster you run, the harder you hit- the better you play. But, there are more tactful games that require precision and tactics. And, one such game is the darts game.

Apparently, it is as important to place the dartboard at the exact right place as it is for you to measure your distance and target from where you stand when playing. Distance is of the utmost importance when it comes to dart games. Apparently, all conflicts around dart games mainly arise from errors in measurement.

For example, someone might claim that he is a great dartboard player. However, some else might tell him that he never played on a standard dartboard placed at a standard distance. This is when you realize how important it is to place the dartboard following the standard measurements.

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Therefore, let us check out the standard distance from dartboard to player, toe line and floor. Well, you can consider the toe line to be exactly in front of where the player sets his foot.

The Distances

The Height the Dartboard is at: When you hang the dartboard, you have to make sure that you are hanging it at the correct height. This is important because it aids the angle or style of throw in dart games. If you do not hang the dartboard at the right height, the player may have to throw the dart in an awkward way. This will ruin his game in the long run.

Without further delay let’s get to know the perfect height. Apparently, the distance from the ground to the bullseye of the dartboard is 5 feet and 8 inches. Now, here is the trick. The common mistake that most people make is putting the whole dartboard at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches. So, the bullseye is the keyword here.

You have to measure the radius and the hanging point of the dartboard and add it to 5 feet 8 inches in such a way, that the bullseye is where it is supposed to be. Which is at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches. Find more on dartboard standard height regulations here.

The distance of the board from the toe line.

The toe line is apparently the line behind which the player must stand. You cannot cross the toe line when you are taking a shot. In fact, this is the line that gives the game its integrity- everyone is equal and everyone has the exact same opportunity.

Now, let’s see the distance you have to keep this line at. Firstly, the distance of the tow line from the steel tip of the dartboard is 7 feet 9 1/4 inches. Again, the distance of the toe line from the soft tip of the dartboard is 8 feet. You have to tape the toe line using a 3 feet long tape.

Furthermore, you have to make sure that this line is perpendicular to the height of the dartboard. This is where you have to consider the plane you are using as the ground for a dartboard, it should not have any tilt or angle.

The Dartboard Installation

Now, you know the distance. Here are the things that you have to do to install the dartboard in steps.

Install the backing board disk.

After slightly measuring the distances, you have to install the board firmly on the wall. Make sure that you are not installing it wrong by making it tilt in any particular direction. You have to keep it perfectly straight.

This board will protect the wall and also give you a firm platform to mount the dartboard.

Mount the mounting bracket.

Next, you have to firmly mount the mounting bracket. You have to be more accurate in measurement in this case. Mark where the bullseye will be. Furthermore, mark where the dartboard will be hanging from. Some dartboards hang from the center while others have the mechanism at the top.

Depending on where the dartboard will be hanging from adding the distance from there to the bullseye to 5 feet and 8 inches. Then mark the hanging spot as well. This is where you will have to place the mounting bracket.

Time for the dartboard to take its place.

With everything in place, it is now time to hang the dartboard itself. While doing so make sure again that you are hanging it properly. It should be at a straight line. Furthermore, it should not tilt in any particular direction.

Tape the toe line.

In order to never confuse the players and set the perfect standard for them all, you have to mark the toe line well. A simple straight line with a tape with doing the trick. Make sure the tape is at least three feet wide.

Choosing the place for the dartboard

You know the space you need for installing a dartboard but with players involved, you need more space. In fact, you have to consider spectators as well. Thus, it is always best to keep a space of 11 feet in length and 5 feet in width. Darts rules 301, why must you know?

Furthermore, you should make sure that there is nothing around that the darts could harm. Darts are quite sharp and they tend to fly in directions you do not want them in. Thus, keep furniture, kids, wooden floors away from darts. Or, just use dart mats to protect them all.

Final Words

Dart is a game of precision and that s why you have to be very precise when installing the dartboard. The best news is that you do not have to figure out the best distance. All you have to do is follow the standards that have been preset.

This, apparently, is not a tough job to do. Just use a measuring tape or scale and you are alright to go. Just make sure the distance in each case is as accurate as it can get, Do not screw everything in right away. Take your time to measure and test.

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