What Weight Darts Do the Professionals Use? (Dart Weights Advice)

What Weight Darts Do the Professionals Use? (Dart Weights Advice)

Having a good knowledge of dart weight is mandatory for playing dart like a professional. And there is no better way to learn about it than checking what the pros use. If you are looking for what weight darts do the pros use, then this dart weights advice is for you. Here I have explained exactly how the pros use dart weight to their advantage in a game.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What Weight Darts Do the Professionals Use?

It has never been bad to follow someone. You are not advised to copy but allowed to follow the pioneers and professionals in mastering excellence in any field. Darts is not different, you are suggested to find some help from the experienced darters. It is easy and effective to learn about the dart weight used by the pros.

Selecting ‘Dart Weight’ Based on the Pros Suggestions

For the beginners and even for the intermediate level players it is quite tough to select the perfect ‘dart weight.’ Considering the graveness of this matter, we have furnished this section with a detailed discussion of ‘What weight darts do the pros use’. Our goal is to assist you to choose the best darts for you based on the pros’ tips and suggestions.

Darts are available in various shapes, sizes, and weights. Although everything may vary yet generally all is added up to the heaviness. The type of use a dart offers to the users is determined by how heavy the dart is.

“What weight darts do the pros use?” This is probably the most frequently asked question to the pros by beginners as well as intermediate players.

At first, it is important for all of you to know what ‘weight darts’ actually refers to? In simple words, these are the different loads of darts normally found in the market. You should at first deal with all the choices you have. When you feel comfortable dealing with a specific weight, then you should purchase a set of that dart.

What are the dart weights

Generally, the heaviness of the darts begins from 12 grams and ends at 50 grams. Normally, the pros are often seen to use darts that are almost 30 grams. The reason for that particular choice lies in those darts being an average weight which allows the players to handle those with much comfort without hurting anyone.

Another important point to mention here is that very few players use darts that are above 30 grams because such weight requires much more practice for being handled comfortably. The pros normally choose a variety of weight on which they practice regularly.

In addition, from 30 to 50 grams the heaviness differs as the hard practice increases. However, you can even hit your target with a heavyweight dart depending upon the swiftness with which the dart is thrown.

Lastly, for the pros, it is very important to select a suitable weight. Pros give much importance to the positioning considering the heaviness of the dart’s frontal and backside. Actually, the best strategy is- using each of the darts at a time and finding out the suitable weight with which one feels much comfortable while throwing.

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What is a Standard Weight for Darts?

The standard weight of the darts can be determined by yourself considering your physical fitness as well as your requirement. Furthermore, it partially depends upon your own height and body weight. There are a good number of pros who practice and perform for many years before choosing the weight that can be regarded as the best for them.

Though a lot of time is required for choosing the perfect weight, yet some people don’t put much emphasis on it. There are many throwers who always stick between 16 to 20 grams range because this is considered as the sweet spot. Besides, this range is most appropriate for individuals who have moderate height and weight. However, 18-gram dart is another extensively used weight by the pros. Many pros have stated that their game got much better and swifter with 18-gram darts. They also feel that with this particular weight they can remain more stable in the game.

The pros think that it is unwise to stick to merely one weight while the style and variety of darts are increasing day by day. Instead, they suggest that one should keep altering the weightiness until he or she finds the perfect one with which he or she can throw comfortably. The key here is, not to stick with a particular weight rather than trying out many options and see which one seems more suitable.

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Perfect Gram Darts Recommended by the Pros

Though it is one of the most frequently asked questions by beginners and also one of the most interesting ones, yet there is hardly any right answer for it. Actually, every player is distinctive according to the structure of the physique, height, and weight. But if one is about to enter the professional leagues then he must choose between 20 grams and 30 grams because most of the professional leagues own them. But, if one likes sticking to practice merely and is just beginning, then he shouldn’t choose a dart that weighs more than 20 gram.  

The Brands of Darts Suggested by the Pros

The professionals use various brands of darts on and off. Some of the well-known brands of darts are- Bottelsen Hammer, Centaur, the Viper Sure Grip darts, and King Cobra. All these are designed sophisticatedly as style does matter for the pros.

Do you know the reason for the brands being suggested? Actually, these brands have been leading the market for a long period of time. These have also been remodeled after some time consecutively. Some of these brands have already brought exclusive latest darts.

Above all, it is better for you to check out the various brands before buying one. This can give you a more detailed overview of the various brands of darts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the most popular dart weight?

Answer: The most popular dart weight lies around the 17-26 gram range. The standard weight ranges from 21-27 grams.

Are heavy or light darts better?

Answer: A heavy dart ensures easy throwing and a lighter dart ensures accurate throwing.

Final Words:

Lastly, it is clear that choosing a perfect dart weights advice is not an easy task for beginners. If you are going to buy a new dart, then don’t make the mistake of choosing a dart that doesn’t feel comfortable to you.

If you have any more questions, then do not hesitate to ask in the comment box below. I’ll get to it as soon as I can!