Best Electronic Dart Boards Reviews

Best Electronic Dart Boards Reviews

Dart boards were very popular back in the days when electronic gadgets had not taken over our lives. It wasn’t a very uncommon sight to see friends and family gather up on weekends, have a Bar-B-Q and play dart or challenge a friend to a few rounds of the game at their local pubs. While it may seem like dart boards are no longer as popular but there are actually making a comeback and that too with a modern twist.

You can now enjoy the traditional game in a modern way by purchasing an electronic dart board. They are in fact safer and more convenient for the modern players of today. Our article covers some of the best electronic dart boards which you can find in the market currently. If you are thinking of getting one these boards for your home or office entertainment area then let us guide you through with our product reviews and buying guide.

Best Electronic Dart Boards Reviews

Let’s know more details about the products listed above. In the review we will focus on all aspects of the products including pros and cons. We hope to give you a perfect idea about the electronic dart boards for making the darts more fun!

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dart Board

When speaking of electronic dartboards we cannot skip the name Arachnid. Dartboards by Arachnid have all the modern features that make them one of the best in the market. Their modern designs and high-quality constructions are probably the reason why many people have started to take an interest in playing dart again. Cricket Pro 800 is one of their best models. If you are looking for top-notch accuracy and a lot of variations then this is the product for you. It allows you to play in a tournament-style with its 15.5-inch target area carefully constructed segment dividers. The dividers are micro-thin which means there will be very less chances of bounce-offs and more scoring. Dart board height ideas you need to know.

The segments are made of durable nylon, prolonging the life of your dart board and increasing play-ability. For unlimited fun and competition you get around 40 games with 179 variations and also 7 cricket games. You can have up to 8 players taking turns while the display keeps a score of 4 players. The big display is another nice feature of this board where all the information is clearly presented to you. You can select the games and also scroll through the menu easily with the LED lit display. If you want to add a bit of extra fun and switch on the 3 level Heckler feature which harasses or applauds players based on their performances.

Included with the dart board are 6 soft tip darts, some extra dart tips, an AC adapter, mounting hardware, gaming instructions and an operating manual.


  • Solid construction
  • High accuracy
  • Very less bounce offs
  • Easy to install
  • Solo play feature
  • Large and clear display


  • Expensive
  • Some customers had issues with bounce outs where the darts would not stick well on the board

2. Viper 777 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

The Viper 777 is an excellent dartboard for those seeking a good-quality board with cool features, within an affordable price range. The board is going to last you a very long time with its durable concave-holed segments designed for maximum impact with minimum damage. For beginners who are worried about missed shots and damaged walls can install this board free of worry as it comes with a large catch-ring that covers the target area. It works as a landing zone for missed shots. Furthermore, an ultra thing spider creates compact groupings so there is less bounce outs and more successful shots. You can also enjoy the game without worrying about keeping track of the scores as the brightly lit LCD screen displays 2 players’ scores. 43 games with 320 options are listed for you so you and your friends have a lot of fun activities to choose from. To heat up the competition you can even customize and select a higher difficulty level or ease it down for new players.  This product comes with 6 darts which can be stored safely on the side holsters of the board. You will need to purchase 3AA batteries or a power adapter separately to run this electric dartboard.


  • Affordable
  • Ultra thin spider for reduced bounce outs
  • Features 43 games with 320 options
  • Can accommodate up to 8 players
  • Well lit LCD display
  • Includes 6 darts


  • The volume can be reduced but the sound cannot not be muted
  • Does not come with batteries or a power adapter

3. Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard

Are you interested in app-driven dartboards? If the thought of having all information such as player info and scores provided to you in the palm of your hands appeals to you then you should check out the Gran Board 2 which supports Bluetooth connectivity. Whether you are an android or apple user, the board runs on both systems, it can also be connected to your smart TV. It comes with a very easy installation process and the cordless features mean that there won’t be any annoying cords to plug in or clutter your room. You will just have to insert 2 AA batteries and you are good to go. You can also carry along your dartboard when you go for picnics or any other outdoor activity as it doesn’t require any plugging in. The board has a very stylish outlook and is designed with foams fitted to keep sound under check. With 4.0 Bluetooth you can be sure to be working with the smartest technology around. You can save all the information of your games and have access to a worldwide database where you can play against other online Gran board players.


  • Has a color LED front
  • Easy to install and play
  • Attractive design
  • App driven
  • Portable


  • Need batteries to run the dartboard which means you will always need to have batteries in stock if you want uninterrupted play.  

4. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dart Board

Another Arachnid product on our list is the Cricket Pro 650. This standing electronic dartboard is designed for players to play in tournament style, with the perfect quality and right technologies. With a target area of 15.5” and tough nylon segments you can enjoy competing against friends and family at any given time. The micro-thin layer segment dividers are a common and a much-appreciated thing on Arachnid dartboards. The thin dividers and the square holes reduce bounce-outs by allowing the darts to easily stick to the board. Players can score easily and enjoy the game more. Up to 8 players can play and you will have access to 24 games with 132 variations, which also include 5 cricket games. The 2 sets of LED displays are designed to light up in red, yellow, and white, which increase visibility and enable players to read from a far-off distance. If you wish to practice or just play solo then the board comes with that option too. With adjustable sound control, you can increase or reduce the volume as per your wish.


  • High quality construction
  • LED displays
  • Sound control
  • Sleep mode activation


  • Not much variation in the number of games

5. Viper Neptune Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard with Cabinet

The Viper Neptune comes with a traditional cabinet design where the board is encased in the cabinet with a wood finish. The cabinet also has dart holders on the inside, allowing you to keep both the board and your darts nicely covered and stored away. The target face of the board measures 15.5” but the catch zone for the missed darts is even larger. The ultra-thin segments help with fewer bounce-outs while the high-grade nylon material ensures durability. You get around 57 games with 307 variations, as well as the option to play against the computer. The 6 inch LCD display shows up to 4 players’ scores but the board can accommodate up to 16 players. You will be set from the very beginning as the Viper Neptune comes with 5 darts, an AC power adaptor, and a mounting kit.


  • The cabinet design makes this a neat looking item with the board and darts safely encased inside
  • High range of games to choose from
  • Extra large 6’’ 4 person LCD display
  • You can play against the computer at 5 difficulty levels
  • Shows scoring numbers as well as cricket symbols
  • Includes power adapter, 6 darts and mounting kit


  • The display is not LED, it is an LCD display which means that the visibility will not be as clear or bright.
  • The cabinet construction could have been better in terms of design and quality.

Best Electronic Dart Boards Reviews Buying Guide


Although the majority of electronic dartboards look like the traditional ones, they do have a lot of different traits, such as the face of the board. Electronic dartboards are made of long-lasting thermoplastic material like nylon and are covered with numerous tiny holes designed specifically to accept the plastic tip of a soft tip dart. Moreover, the face of the dartboard is divided into segments and this is also known as the spider (due to its look).

Measurements and size:

Soft tip dartboards are normally smaller in diameter than bristle dartboards which usually have a size of around 18 inches. Soft tip dartboard ranges from 13.5 to 15.5 inches in diameter, where the 15.5 inches dartboard is more popular than the rest. These dartboards should be mounted at the same height as the bristle dartboard: 5 feet and 8 inches at the bullseye. The throwing line of the soft tip dartboard should be 8 feet from the face of the board, which is slightly further than the throwing line distance of the bristle dartboard.

Game variations:

When buying an electronic dartboard, make sure to check that it has a large variety of games preloaded in it. Even if there may not be tons of games preloaded, as this may make the process of choosing a game to play difficult, make sure that even the limited number of preloaded games have a lot of variants, providing you with a wide range of options of almost the same type of game to choose from.

Display and scoring formats:

When choosing the best dartboard, this factor must not be ignored. The display system of the board plays a huge role in your gaming experience as you’d want a board that’ll allow you to see your score even from an 8-foot distance. LED displays are the best for this reason; they have more vibrant colors and a lot of higher quality LED displays to change colours to differentiate between scores, players, and other game details. LCD displays are more on the dull side, although this doesn’t mean that it’ll hinder your gaming experience in any way. Another thing you need to keep in mind is to see whether the dartboard you’re about to buy displays multi-player scores or not, and if it does, then how many scores can it display at once. A lot of lower-budget dartboards showcase only 1 or 2 players’ scores at a time, but usually the high-end dartboards can display up to 4 player scores at a time, although that’s not really necessary since usually other players feel at ease with two-player score displays as well.

Power source:

Dartboards usually have two kinds of power source options: AC operated and battery operated. The AC-operated boards may come off as more troublesome to some as the problem of wires cluttered all over the place comes with it, if you mount your board away from a power outlet. Also, make sure an adapter came alongside your board if you’re getting an AC-operated dartboard. Boards that are battery operated may have displays that are more dull and you always have to keep a pair or two of extra batteries with you in case if the ones in use suddenly runs out. Best dartboards are those that run with either power sources , AC or battery.

Wrapping Up:

Electronic dartboards are amazing tools that can be used to play a serious game of dart, as well as for pure entertainment for friends and family. Get yourself an electric dartboard of decent quality and you will always have something to look forward to during your free time at home or in the office.