Best Dart Accessories: Product Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Dart Accessories

For most people accessories are just extra stuff that one can do without. Maybe that is true to some extent but let us not completely brush off the need for accessories because they wouldn’t be around if they were totally unnecessary. When it comes to Dart accessories, there are definitely some things that you can do without but then there are some items that can actually help you enjoy the game better and make things more convenient. For example, let us say you own a really great dartboard and some cool darts, which should be enough for a decent game of dart…but what do you do when as time passes you start to lose grip on the darts? Or what about when one day you suddenly look around the wall that is surrounding your dartboard and you notice the ugly holes that have been created from missed shots? To help you out in these situations and more, there are several products that come to the rescue. If you are a dart enthusiast then we recommend being fully equipped for the best gaming experience every time, and to make that easy for you we are going to help you pick out some basic dart accessories today. Our list includes everything you need for repairing your main tools as well as to keep the surrounding area safe. If you ask us, we would say that some of these are actually must-haves, so do check them out.

Ready? Let’s start then.

Dartboard Backboard

This item is a must-have whether you are a pro at dart or a beginner. It is true that beginners will throw missed shots way more than an experienced player but even one missed shot could damage the wall around the dartboard or the floor beneath. Chances are that you will have friends over who will want to play a few rounds of the game and you cannot really control what goes to the board and what hits your walls or nearby doors. To save you the stress and also to keep your walls looking great it is highly recommended that you get a backboard. Another reason you should invest in one of these items is to protect your darts too because if your wall or the floor is made of stone or any hard material then your darts could be seriously damaged.

Our pick of the best dartboard backboard is the Viper Championship Wood -Framed Dartboard Backboard Set in Mahogany Finish

We picked this product because it is a set that includes the main backboard but also other useful pieces that increase its value. The backboard is encased in a beautiful mahogany finish frame so it is also a very attractive item. Before we get to the backboard, let us talk about the extra items which you will get. It includes a dry-erase scoreboard with the non-smear surface to keep track of your scores, a dry-erase marker, a dart storage rack to keep your darts neatly and safely packed (you can store up to 12 darts) and high-grade duty strap hangers.

The backboard is made to last by using strong MDF which is wrapped up in a frame with a vibrant mahogany finish. The black felt backing not only protects your walls but is made it such a manner that it allows the dart to pierce through and then keeps it locked until you pull it out. This reduces bounce outs which could damage your floors or even the dart itself as it hits the ground. As for compatibility, the Viper backboard can accommodate all bristle dartboards as well as electronic dartboards that measure up to 24inches T and 24 inches W. You can mount this item and also the storage board and dry erase board as soon as you unpack it as it is fairly easy to set up. Setting up your dartboard in the center of the backboard is also quick and easy with the hanging bracket already installed for you. Remember that although it is a set, it does not include a dartboard, darts or flights, it only comes with the backboard, a storage rack for the darts and an easy to erase scoreboard.


  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Nice square shape design with good quality mahogany finish
  • Can fit all bristle dartboards and most electronic dartboards
  • Includes a scoreboard and dart storage rack
  • Reduces bounce-outs
  • Easy set-up
  • Protects the wall and the darts from damage


  • Board does not come with pre-drilled holes to mount on the wall
  • Although it is advertised to have a mahogany finish, the entire piece is actually painted black. 

Dart Case

I don’t know about you, but I have lost quite a few darts and other little accessories in the past. This was before I got myself to admit that I needed a good storage case to keep all the things together. If you are someone who likes to travel with your dartboard and accessories, then you definitely need a case to keep the stuff safe and of course in one place. I learned this the hard way when I damaged a dart by throwing them all in my luggage during a trip. You can imagine the horror and disappoint but luckily I had spares. To avoid such situations it is best to pack them well in a case made for the purpose. When picking a case, however, not just any case will do, you must get something that is durable, can protect your accessories and have enough space to accommodate all the things you need to carry. For me, the Casemaster Deluxe 6 Dart Nylon Storage/Travel Case seemed to do the trick.

The Casemaster deluxe storage case comes with a high-grade nylon exterior which keeps the moisture out and your darts in great condition. You can store up to 6 darts and other essentials in the extra 8 small pockets. It comes with a total of 14 storage segments and is great as a travel pack. The nylon is not only durable but also scratch-resistant so it can handle years of rough usage. The interior fibers are also woven in such a way that even with everyday wear and tear the inside will remain intact. The pockets are tight enough to keep items firmly placed so once the case is closed they will not wobble or shift inside. To seal the case and keep it shut, a strong and smooth maneuvering zipper has been inserted. If you want to try out a case that is not plain black in color then you can also get this item in floral pink and Realtree Camo. Please note that this item is also the case, you will have to buy the darts, flights and other accessories separately.


  • Affordable
  • Compact in size
  • Keeps items firmly placed inside
  • High-quality zipper
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Durable nylon


  • Some reports about hard tipped darts piercing through the slot fabric
  • The case is not large enough for players who like to carry a lot of accessories.

Dart Grip Wax

You know there are some products out there that are an absolute necessity for some but not so important for others. I think dart grip wax is one such thing that some cannot do without while others do not really have any need for it. I know a lot of players who still have sweaty hands even after years of playing the game. For a beginner, it could be due to nervousness but there are some people who just struggle with sweaty palms in general. If you have ever faced this problem you will probably understand how frustrating it can get during a game. If you always have to have a towel nearby and keep losing grip on the darts if you do not wipe your hands after every throw then you need grip wax for sure. I would even recommend this item to those who do not have an issue with sweaty palms because you never know when you might need it. It is also nice to have around for friends or family who you will be playing in case someone needs it.


The pink wax is a popular wax for dart grips as many professionals as well as new players are using it. It is always a good idea to have a good quality grip wax with you, especially when challenging someone to a serious game when you cannot take risks or afford to lose. This product is known to help you really feel a good and firm hold on your dart without slowing down your throw speed or alternating your technique. The container is round and compact in size so you can always have it in your pocket or storage case. You can seal the container really tight to keep the air out and you will notice how the wax retains its texture even after multiple uses. Do not leave it out in the open for long or else it might dry out.


  • Compact sized container
  • Helps you with a better grip on your darts
  • Assists in a better throw


  • No reported complaints yet


Dart mats are almost as essential as dart backboards because floors are just as important as walls. So why not protect them too? To be honest, placing a dart mat below your dartboard will not only protect your floor from scratches and other damage but will also keep your darts in good shape. If your floor is solid concrete then it will surely not be too forgiving towards the darts that fall on it. Beginners will throw a lot of missed shots and anything that does not stick to the board will fall back on the floor so it is important to have a mat for a soft landing. Now you may be wondering why you cannot just use a good old rug or some random mat instead, right? Well, we will tell you exactly why. Because these dart mats do just more than just protect your floors and darts, they actually come with markings to help you determine throw lines. The mats show you the distance for soft tip darts as well as for steel tip darts so you know where to stand and throw from. Without these markings, you would probably have to use a tape or something else to mark the lines which could look ugly or just take up too much time.

With many such dart mats in the market, we were looking for something which stood out from the rest in terms of design and quality and we were pretty impressed with the Viper Padded Throw/Toe Line Dart Mat

The Viper mat can be used for both soft tip and steel tip darts. It is a nonslip mat so you can stand firmly and aim accurately without worrying about tripping over. It is safe for kids too who are never too careful with their actions or movements. The mat measures 117″ L x 24″ W x 1/4″ D and comes with all necessary markings for steel tip darts (93-1/4″) and soft tip darts (96″). This removes the need for you to guess and mark your floors yourself. The mat is very durable and you can instantly feel the heavy-duty material used in the construction but despite being so sturdy it is actually very easy to roll up and store away. However, you can also choose to keep it placed in the game room permanently because it is a very stylish item which you will love to display.


  • Attractive design
  • Includes toe line distance markings
  • Easy to roll and store away
  • Non-slip
  • Great for missed shot darts
  • Good protection for floors and darts


  • A few customers have mentioned that while the mat was great for soft tip darts, it couldn’t offer much protection against steel tip darts.

Dart Flights

Darts come with standard flights and they can perform pretty well too but you will still players changing the flights for some reason or the other. Beginners can do with the standard flights as they do not need much force to throw but as you learn the game and get better at it, you will want to experiment with different styles and find out which kind of flight suits your style best. If you are not really up for changing a flight for any technical reason then you can do so simple for a change in appearance. You will notice that the flights that darts usually come with from the manufacturers do not always display cool colors or designs. They are rather plain and boring, so if you want to spice up things a bit and also have your darts show off your personal style then you can purchase some extra flights.

CavalierDarts Nylon Dart Flights

You will love the different colors and prints on these dart flights! They come in a pack of 25 sets (75 pieces) and are available in various designs ranging from national flags to cool 2D, 3D styles. The flights do not only come in different designs but also in size as you will receive wide, standard and slim constructions to suit your style of playing. They are very durable and will last you through many games. They also make really presents for the dart enthusiast in your life.


  • Colorful and a lot of variety
  • Available in standard, slim and wide designs
  • Can be used with soft and steel tip darts


  • Some customers mentioned that the flights were not thick enough
  • Some flights came with missing spots on the prints

Throw Line Markers

Often when we’re playing a game or two of darts, we get into arguments with our opponents referring to the toe line. Although many people use the traditional adhesive floor markers, it is more efficient to use the laser ones. These cancel out even the slightest chance of playing a foul, whether it’s just a casual game or a competitive one. We have chosen the Viper Laser Throw/Toe Line Marker for you, in hopes of helping you further improve your dart abilities, by giving you a close to professional experience in darts.

Viper Laser Throw/Toe Line Marker

The Viper Laser Throw Line Marker is a battery-operated, laser toe line marker that requires 4 AA batteries which will reduce clutter in your room that would otherwise be there if this accessory was wire operated. You don’t even need to worry about dismounting the whole product when its battery runs out, since the battery door is at the front of the throw line marker, so you can just change the batteries from there. Also, there is a handy power switch situated at the front of the product as well, giving you the opportunity to turn off the throw line marker when it’s not in use, in this way, battery life can be prolonged. The laser beam accurately marks your toe line and this accessory is well-suited with both steel tip and soft tip darts which makes it a very vital partner for both those who play darts for fun as well as for those who play it competitively. When buying a product like this, a lot of people ponder whether they would be able to see the laser beams in areas of intense lighting or not. The answer to their question for this product is, yes. The laser beams are bright and energy proficient and so you will be able to see the beams in broad daylight as well as in dark areas. The adjustable marker can be mounted on either cabinet or on walls and can be sited at any perpendicular angle near your dartboard. All you need to do is, make sure that the screws on both sides of the product are fixed tightly so that they don’t budge or accidentally fall off even if they are bumped into. You will find all the mounting hardware in the box in which this marker comes in, so you can save both your time and money by not having to go to the store separately to get the required mounting hardware.


  • Battery operated, this reduces unnecessary mess. Battery can be changed from the front, and so the whole apparatus does not need to be dismounted when the battery runs out.
  • Mounting hardware is included, thus saving your time and money.
  • Adjustable throw line.
  • Laser beams from this equipment are noticeable even in areas of intense lighting.
  • Is designed to be fixed on cabinets or walls so that you don’t have to worry about not being able to relocate your board and throw line whenever you want to.


  • The battery is sold separately.
  • Some say it is difficult to set it up, and that the screws do not tighten all the way in so even slight bumps will cause it to fall.

Dart Sharpeners

I don’t know about you but I was definitely one of those people who thought that once a dart lost its sharpness it was time to throw it away and get a new one. It never occurred to me that I could have them sharpened and used again. Imagine how many darts I lost this way and how much money I could have saved. If you are also guilty of doing the same then have no fear because all that wasting can now be left in the past. To make use of your blunt darts and get them sharp and pointy just like before, you can get a dart sharpener. This tiny little item will not take up much space in your storage compartment but do wonders for your old darts, provided you use steel tip darts of course. Take it as a maintenance tool for your precious steel tip darts, something that can keep your darts looking their sharpest and good as new for a very long time.

Aoyoho 2PCS Star Burrs Remover Dart Sharpener

This product comes with two round cylinder dart sharpeners measuring around 1.5cm in diameter and 2.5cm in height. Made from a sturdy piece of rock, the sharpeners will last you for a very long time and be useful until they have the capability to file up your steel dart tips. All you have to do basically is place your dart inside the sharpener and go in a circular motion until you feel that the tip of the dart is sharpening up. You will notice a change in color and texture after you are done with the process, you will also be able to tell by feeling the tip whether it is ready to penetrate through the dartboard or not. It is a very simple process and you can also use them outside of the sharpener to do the job as it is made from the same material all over. Blunt dart tips do not stick to the dartboard for long and some even don’t manage to penetrate in the first place. By keeping the tips sharp you have a better chance of scoring.


  • Durable product
  • Great to keep steep tips sharp
  • Reduces bounce-outs
  • Easy to use


  • The rock will eventually lose its ability to file the tips

Soft Tip Dart Points & Steel Tip Point Converters

Okay, just to get this straight, soft tip dart points and steel tip point converters are totally different items but I decided to write about them in one segment because they are both used as dart tip replacements. Let us first talk about what each one is intended for so you have a better idea.

Soft Tip Dart Points: These are used with darts that have worn out or broken tips. It is not a very uncommon thing for tips to break or wear off over time and if they decide to die on you just before a big game then you need back up. You can purchase multiple sets of darts or just take the more convenient and more budget-friendly way out by keeping a stock of extra tips. These are very easy to install and can be used with almost all soft tip darts. They come with a locking hole that keeps them firmly attached to the dart. All you have to do is use a point puller to remove the old point from the dart and fix the new one on. It gets even better as these points come in packs of hundreds so you will have a lot to last you for a very long time.

Plastic Soft Tips For Electronic Darts

If you have an electronic dartboard then you must keep these soft tips in store as they can come in real handy when your dart tip breaks for some reason. The MAXMAU soft tip dart points come in a pack of 300 which is a great number for the dart enthusiast who like to always stay equipped and ready for action. Made from high-grade nylon and designed with an anti-slip carving, these points are easy to install and extremely durable. They come in the standard 2BA screw thread and are compatible with most soft tip darts. These darts are very popular on sites like Amazon as most users have good things to say about them. A few customers also went on to say that they were even better than the actual tips that came with the board as they had less bounce outs. We do not know how well it will actually score against the tips that come with your board but we can surely say that these tips do not bend much and will have your back when you need them to.


  • Durable material
  • Highly compatible
  • Comes in a pack of 300
  • Anti-slip design
  • Easy to install
  • Will not bend easily
  • Reduced bounce-outs


  • A few customers had mentioned that the tips only stuck well to the boards after throwing at high speed

Okay now that you know about the soft tip dart points, let us get to the steel tip point converters.

Steel Tip Point Converters are for those times when you wish to have a steep tip on your dart but all your darts come with soft tips. Yes, some genius thought of inventing this item which basically works as a converter. We will not call it a necessity but it is a nice thing to have around. If you are a beginner and would like to move on from using only plastic pointed darts to steep tip darts but do not want to spend a lot of money on getting new darts then you will love these little converters. You can also reuse your soft tip darts this way by just replacing the soft tips with steep ones. Some soft tip darts come with cool flights and barrels and if you enjoy using them then you can still keep them by only changing the tips.

Action Steel Point Converter Points

Convert your regular 2BA plastic tip darts to steel tip darts in seconds with these easy to install tips. You can also use them on your steel tip darts as replacements in case the original steel tips break or get damaged for any reason. The steel tips are great for fewer bounce outs and can hold on to their sharpness through many uses.


  • An affordable way to own steel tip darts without having to purchase new darts
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with most 2BA dart sets
  • Less bounce-outs and more scoring
  • Strong and durable


  • They may lose their sharpness with use so you may need to buy a sharpener to keep them sharp after a while

Dart Accessory Kit

Has reading about all these accessories got you worried about how much time and money you will need to spend just to collect them all? If you are looking for a way in which you can have almost all the items at one go then I might have the solution for you in the form of an accessory kit. Yes, you can actually buy dart kits that come with many of the items that are individually listed in this article. If you do not wish to get each item separately then just get a dart accessory kit and chances are it will come with most of the stuff you need. If there are one or two items that are not included in the kit then you can get them later but to get things collected in a more organized matter you can just go for a kit. The great thing about these kits is that they also include tools need for repairing and other maintenance work. If you want your darts and dartboard to last longer then you will need to look after them and having a kit around is a great way to do just that.

Viper Dart Accessory Kit

This kit has many little items that will help you keep your precious darts in good condition. Let us go through each item and see how they work.


As mentioned above, flights do not easily get damaged but it is always a good idea to have some extras just in case you need to make a replacement. They are there to give your dart the stability it needs during flight. Here you get 4 sets of Viper flights and a set of flight deflectors.


Also known as dart washers, these prevent dart shafts from loosening on the barrell. They are rubber rings that keep the threads on aluminum shafts and also the dart tips tight.

Sharpening Stone-

The sharpening stone comes with a key ring so you can also have it close to you and ready for whenever you need to get your dart tips sharp and pointy.


This is used for the same reason you would use a grip wax for: to help take care of sweaty palms and fingers. If you enjoy playing for hours, your hands may start to sweat and you may find yourself losing grip on the darts over time. Rubbing a bit of rosin on your hands will do the trick.


Shafts are used for changing or adjusting the length and weight of the dart. This product comes with one set of black aluminum shafts and one set of spinster aluminum shafts.


This tool is used for tightening or loosening shafts

Things to Consider While Picking Out Dart Accessories

So now you have a good idea of what kind of accessories you may need, it is time we provided you with information on what other factors you need to consider while shopping for these accessories.


We all want the best quality stuff and why not when we are paying for it! Some items may be great to look at but do not let all that fancy design and bright colors fool you. A product’s quality depends mainly on the material used in its construction. When an item is made from high-grade materials it will be more durable and you will get better results from it. Anything that lasts longer will carry more value and be fun to use.


Once you have checked out the quality of the item you wish to buy, you can now admire its beautiful designs to your heart’s content because who wouldn’t want something that is pleasing to the eye, right? Picking out the right design actually does a lot more than just look pretty in your home. The things you choose can actually say a lot about your personal taste and style so it is a smart way to let people know your preferences. When choosing a backboard, for example, you must choose something that will compliment the wall and the rest of the room or else it will just look odd. The same goes for formats. As mentioned earlier in this post, flights are a great way to show off your cool side so select the ones that you feel to give out a vibe that is more ‘you’. So when you go from one item to another be sure to check out its outer appearance.


You probably know this already, good things cost money, but that doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank every time to get the best. With a bit of research and product comparisons, you can find some great stuff within your budget. Just look out for cheaply made items and stay away from them as they will not last long and you will just have to replace them which will cost you even more in the end. If you have a budget to follow then no worries because there are plenty of budget-friendly items available which come in decent quality but you will have to look around a bit for the right ones.


Just like pricey items, people tend to believe that products that carry a popular brand name are better than products from lesser-known companies. If you ask me I think it is true to some extent because of two reasons. One, the product is already popular with its brand name so that means it is a tried and tested product and two, well-known brands have a reputation to maintain so they will not risk it by manufacturing bad items. So for me, having a brand name means more assurance on quality and performance. Having said that, it will not be fair to completely brush off the less popular brands because some do deliver decent items that can match up to the branded products both in quality and design. Keep an eye out for those because they may even be more affordable.

Customer Reviews

This is no doubt one of the most important factors to consider. Reading the reviews of previous owners and users of the items will give you the best picture like nothing else can. Manufacturers and selling sites will advertise products to get them to sell so you will not exactly be informed of the faults or lacking, but if you read a couple of reviews from real buyers then you can learn from their experiences. The good thing about online sites like Amazon is that they have a section for customer reviews. These reviews are authentic so it’s a great way to know what is really good and what is not.

The Best Manufacturers of Dart Accessories

So far we’ve covered a range of accessories that easily compliment the dartboard you have. But knowing which branded accessories you should purchase can be quite complicated, especially if you are not familiar with the darting brands. We are here to help you with that too as we have comprised a list of the best manufacturers for dart accessories out there.


These manufacturers are known to create their products that are well known and loved by dart enthusiasts of almost any age range. And like most trusted brands, Viper is not any different when it comes to delivering their best performance. Not only does Viper ensure you the greatest quality while playing, but they also show concern by creating accessories like padded vinyl dart mats, which will keep your floors safe and spotless from all the dart traffic while playing. For better measurements even, you will also find laser throw lines from Viper, that can be used instead of tape or stickers to form a throw line for your floors.


Another impressive brand name for darting accessories is Casemaster. They claim to have products that are not only colorful in variety but also prove to be high in durability and quality in general, and so far it has exactly been that way. Likewise, Casemaster has some of the nicest looking cases for their darting products, which not only attracts the adults but also the youngsters into purchasing their darting products. If losing the case might feel like a problem to you, they also have cases that come equipped with belt hooks so you will not have to place them anywhere else while you are playing.


Innovation is the way to go for Arachnid and its highly reputed darting products. They are known to have some of the most innovated electronic darting boards and accessories for those. From a talking electronic dartboard to one with a touchpad scorer, they have got it all. To some, electronic products may come off as prone to fuses or wear down after a short period of use. But that is not the case with Arachnids electronic devices, as they take pride of their electronic dartboards especially. And when such a reputed brand name like Arachnid can be so confident of their products, you can be sure that you will only make good memories and have a pleasant time while playing with their dartboards and using their accessories.

Dart weights advice fro professional available here


To end this post, we will just remind you to gather information about the items you wish to purchase and also check out their features and benefits well so you can end up with exactly what you are looking for.