what to put behind a dart board to protect wall?

Are you willing to know what to put behind a dart board to protect wall?

Be sure you love to play cricket darts; at home or professionally, that doesn’t matter. Besides, you would like to keep your home’s wall right.

However, there are numerous cover protectors in the market today that help to save your dartboard behind the wall. In most cases, players feel confident using multiple boards like cardboard, wooden board, or more.

Sometimes, people use their old towels or clothes to protect the wall from the dart’s effect, although it is a very unfashionable and weak process presently.

Understanding other things concentrate on the below.

What to put behind a dartboard to protect the wall?- The Cheapest Ways

This is nearly impossible to show here all of the things that can be used to protect your wall. This is because we will talk over some essentials of what to put behind a dart board to protect wall.

Wooden Board or Cardboard

To save your wall from the dart’s effect, you can fix the wooden board or cardboard. Both are highly recommended by the players.

The main difference is that the cardboard is smoother than the wooden board.

You like to use these due to their enough consistency as well as adequate costs.

Can Try Plywood

No one can ignore this plywood if they desire to get the cheapest and easiest way of protecting walls. Remember that you have to collect a big piece of plywood, perhaps 4’×4′, that supports ensuring the wall’s more expansive areas.

Old or Unused Doors

Another excellent protection of the wall is unused doors. If you set up the doors on your dartboard behind, you get the full freedom to play this game at home.

Even you don’t have to invest any money to do this. So, it is a cost-free way. However, you can also use the old cabinet doors to get more comprehensive safeguards. Find the best quality dart accessories.

Can Use The Old Ropes 

If you expect to get a cost-free but effective solution for protecting your wall, you can try old ropes, although you need to invest only a few amounts for making coils. To make it coil, keep the cord in the ground and circle it unlit creating a wide area around the dartboard. Now, your rope dartboard surround is ready to play. But it is not suitable for beginners.

Try a Dart board Cabinet

The high-quality dartboard cabinet is also a perfect choice for protecting the wall’s damage that can happen by your darts. The most highlighted thing is that it can be used for other purposes while not playing games. Remember, a dartboard cabinet is not able to protect your overall walls.

But, different sizes are available for you. So, you may pick the best one as per your preferences or walls wide. It is suitable for using your home as well as professional sports spots.

Some Alternatives 

If you are not satisfied with the protection mentioned earlier, you can see the more alternatives.

  1. You can attempt to use the dartboard surround for getting more thickness as necessary as you need.
  2. Can try old carpets to protect around the dartboard walls.
  3. The reusable and portable tiles are also acceptable.

So, you can apply any process for doing this job suitably.


Finally, most of the cricket days, players feel trouble for the walls. Because of playing games, the walls can be destroyed. It is painful for every player.

You have already noticed some adequate directions to what to put behind a dartboard to protect the wall.