Best dart shafts 2022 with a complete buying guide

For the best dart shafts in 2022, the first thing to look for is the material of dart shafts that is durable and cheap, like aluminum, steel, and carbon graphite.

For connection of barrel and flight, Dart shafts are used. The dart shafts are an essential part of the dart, and the preference for the best dart shafts varies from player to player. Moreover, it also goes with a playing style in the game. If you have decided to buy the best dart shaft 2022, you need to consider many things.  

Best dart shafts 2022

There are thousands of shafts in markets and online. In all these choices, you can get yourself in confusion. Here to avoid all this confusion, we review the best dart shafts. The remarkable thing about all these dart shaft reviews is the durability they offer and their affordable prices. All these you will find are made with high-quality material that is a good substitute for expensive material. Please have a look at our list of dart shafts 2022.

1. Viper Spinster Aluminum Dart Shaft

Product review:

To enhance your dart game skills, you have to pick a Viper Spinster Aluminum dart shaft. Highly efficient and aerodynamic shapes help to resist deflection. The Shaft can spin easily and hit the target without any disturbance. Constructing with rigid Aluminum material allows the Shaft to withstand severe conditions like when the Shaft hit out of the board. The tighten hole for tightening the Shaft and barrel is provided, so you don’t have to retighten after two or three shots. You can do a customized setting for adjusting its length according to your desired size.

Product features:

  • The rotating Shaft from the top allows the dart to spin freely and resist deflection.
  • Viper Spinster Aluminum dart shaft can move out of the way when it is flying when the dart enters the board.
  • Length is adjustable according to your ease. You can make the dart short or long just by rotating it.
  • A hole is provided at the end of the dart for tightening between the barrel and Shaft. Moreover, you don’t need to pull again and again after two or three shots.
  • A rigid aluminum material used for achieving its strength that guarantees the Shaft will withstand up to any hard wear and tear.  
  • Easy to assemble the dart according to your desire.


  1. Durable 
  2. Easy to assemble
  3. Aerodynamic shape
  4. Adjustable length
  5. Top rotating feature
  6. Ability to move out of the way


● No cons find

2. Viper Carbon Plus Ultra Light Dart Shaft:

Product review:

Whenever trying to improve your dart game, you have to pick professional dart shafts for upgrading your skills. Here we have Viper Carbon Plus Ultra Light Dart Shaft constructed with carbon graphite. A light-weighted shaft helps you hit the target and can provide perfect balance with the barre for a smooth flight. Extra weight with aerodynamic shape added in front of the Shaft that accurately optimizes your flight path. There is a locking hole provided for extra leverage of tightening the Shaft and the barrel, so you don’t need to retighten the Shaft and barrel after two or three shots.

Product features:

  • Ultralight darts are constructed with carbon graphite material to ensure their strength.
  • A key part of Viper Carbon Plus Ultra Light Dart Shaft is an aerodynamically shaped weight added on the top that maintains balance and hits the target.
  • Perfect aerodynamic trajectory because of its ideal size for proper spacing between barrel and flight smoother
  • Locking hole for extra tightening of the Shaft with the barrel, no further need to retighten again after every two or three shots.
  • Comfortable size and spacing between barrel and flight for a perfect shot.


  1. The lightweight and rigid material
  2. Aerodynamic trajectory
  3. Extra weight added for moving straight 
  4. Locking hole 


● The back end is a little heavy

3. CUESOUL 4 PCs TERO AK7 Dart Shafts

Product review:

CUESOUL 4 PCs TERO AK7 Dart Shafts are used for pro playing strategies. It is equipped with a built-in spring telescopic for a soft tip and steel tip darts. If you combine AK7 and AK4, it gives you a perfect innovative performance. A rigid material is used for better performance and durability. CUESOUL AK7 is a compatible shaft for steel tip and soft tip darts. Without any deflection, it has a perfect spin while flying toward the board. Moreover, its stability is the best thing about the dart that enhances your game level; its telescopic design provides safety from any deformation while hitting the ground.

Product features:

● The Cuesoul TERO AK7 dart shaft has rigid material for durability. Moreover, it has a built-in spring telescopic system for better performance.

● The Shaft is very compatible with both steel tip and soft tip darts.

● It could be combined with AK4 and provide a better result for leveling up your game. Moreover, by combining AK7 and AK4, you will get a perfect telescopic and best rotation combo.  

● The CUESOUL assures the quality of the dart accessories system with multiple adjustments so that you have to adjust your dart according to your demand.


  • Tough material
  • Compatible with both type of tips
  • Built-in spring telescopic system
  • Multiple darts adjustment
  • Durable 


● Little challenging removing flight

● Not very easy assembling

4. Wolftop 2BA Thread Aluminium Dart Shafts 24 pack. 

Product review:

Here are the solid aluminum shafts from Wolftop. The Wolftop 2BA thread aluminum dart shafts are compatible with dart screws of 2BA size. Moreover, the shafts have solid aluminum in construction with an anodized finish. There are rubber o-rings with 24 pieces of aluminum shafts. Let’s get into more detailed features of the Wolftop 2BA thread aluminum dart shaft.

Product features:

● The length of the dart shafts varies between 41 mm-48 mm. Moreover, the dart shafts are for screw thread of 2BA size.  

● The material of the dart shafts is durable solid aluminum then shafts made of PVC.

● The dart shaft has a locking hole for tightening. So, you can use leverage to combine darts to the Shaft.

● The total package has eight seats along with rubber o-rings and 24 pcs aluminum shafts. Moreover, the o-ring is installed, so there will be no issue of loosening.  

● 100% money-back guarantee with a full refund


  1. For all types of play
  2. Best for every level player
  3. Great quality material


● O-rings are a little thin

5. MAXMAU 9 Set 27 pcs aluminium Dart shafts:

Product review:

Here we have another dart shaft from MAXMAU 9 set 27 pcs aluminum dart shafts. The dart shaft’s length varies between 45-48 mm. You will get nine pcs of carved aluminum and nine pcs of grooved aluminum darts in the package. In addition to this, there are 27 o-rings rubber pcs. Let’s know about some other details of MAXMAU 9 set 27 pcs aluminum dart shafts.  

Product features:

  • The dart shafts have used solid aluminum material in their construction, ensuring durability and long-lasting qualities.
  • The dart shaft design is perfectly compatible with the 2BA screw thread.  
  • The available colors for MAXMAU dart shafts are red, blue, and black.
  • There are 27 pcs of o-rings that will prevent them from loosening.
  • The dart shafts have consistent weight all over the length.


  1. Well-made
  2. Multiple colors
  3. Food quality o-rings
  4. Reasonable price


● We don’t find any con of the product. Overall, the product has excellent customer ratings.

6. CavalierDarts 53 mm(20/30/40pcs) Aluminium dart shafts 

Here we have the best dart shaft from a very trustworthy brand, Cavalier. The brand is famous for its high-quality products. The CavalierDarts 53 mm aluminum dart shafts are well-made dart shafts. There are five different colors of aluminum dart shafts with 1 O-ring for every Shaft in the package. Here are some other features of CavelierDarts

Product features:

  • The dart shaft has 2BA grooves; that’s why it fits most dart flights.
  • There are 20 medium-length dart shafts with 20 high-quality o-rings.
  • There are five colors available in the set: green, black, blue, red, and purple. However, you may see a little difference between shades due to different computer monitors.
  • The dart shafts are great for both soft and steel tips.
  • The length of the dart shafts is 53 mm.
  • Tezero makes the product, and it will come with the original packaging from Tezero.


  1. Great quality material
  2. Five different colors
  3. Sturdy and vibrant
  4. Diverse


● O-rings are a little small 


Q. What dart shafts do the pros use?

A. Usually, pros use darts according to their style of game or that suits them most. Moreover, everyone has different preferences about weight, shape, length, and grip of dart shafts. Furthermore, darts are essential for helping you in your game. So, the best choice depends on the option that works for you.

Q. How do you pick a dart shaft?

A. As we know, dart shafts should pick wisely. So it is essential to pay attention to some important features of a dart shaft. For instance, consider the material of the dart shafts. The reason for considering the material is it will define the weight of your dart shaft. Further on, the design and style of the dart shaft are also necessary to consider. Also, look for the length and comfortable features of the dart shafts.

Q. Do pro dart players use spinning shafts?

A. Not always. Many players use both spinning shafts and fixed shafts.

Q. are heavier darts better?

A. Yes, you can say heavier darts are better to play. The reason is that low weight darts are harder to throw. However, if you are a player who throws with a lot of force, lighter darts can work well. Instead, if you have a relaxing style, then it is good to go for heavier darts. The weight range for different darts varies between 18-50 grams.

Q. Do expensive darts make a difference?

A. Yes, expensive darts are better in durability and long-lasting features. The expensive dart shafts usually come in a material that is hard and not easy to break, like tungsten. On the other hand, the cheap darts have nickel or brass material in construction. So you can say, expensive dates are the right choice.

Q. Are longer or shorter darts better?

A. Both shorter and longer darts have their advantages. For instance, longer darts are ideal if you are holding darts at the back. The reason is the longer dart’s center of gravity is towards the back of the dart. On the other hand, shorter darts, the center of gravity, lie at the front end. So shorter darts are ideal to choose if you hold your darts at the front end of the barrel.


The only thing that differentiates dart shafts from each other is their material. The dart shafts are made from titanium, aluminum, tungsten, and carbon graphite. The most expensive and durable material is tungsten and titanium. Instead of buying these durable material dart shafts, you have to buy cheap and durable dart shafts like aluminum or carbon graphite, etc. We reviewed some Best dart shafts 2022 that are constructed from different materials with multiple functions. Please choose one of them that you like most or that is suitable for your game.  

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