What Is A Nine Darter

What is a nine-darter? If you’re a fan of darts or curious about the sport, then you’re in for a treat! A nine-darter is the ultimate achievement in darts, a perfect game that showcases incredible skill and precision. But what exactly does it entail? Let’s dive in and explore the thrilling world of the nine-darter.

Picture this: a player steps up to the oche, takes a steady aim, and launches their darts towards the dartboard. The goal? To hit the perfect combination of trebles and doubles, scoring a maximum of 180 points in just three darts. And if they continue to hit the right targets, they can finish the game with a flawless score of 501, using only nine darts. That’s a nine-darter!

Why is it such a big deal? Well, imagine hitting a bullseye every time you aim for it, or sinking every basket you shoot on the basketball court. That’s the level of skill and precision a nine-darter requires. It’s a rare and impressive feat in darts, and when a player accomplishes it, the crowd goes wild. So, whether you’re a darts enthusiast or a curious observer, join us on this journey to discover more about the thrilling world of the nine-darter.

what is a nine darter

What is a Nine Darter?

A nine-darter is one of the most elusive achievements in the sport of darts. It refers to a perfect leg of darts, where a player starts with 501 points and finishes the leg in the minimum number of nine darts, by hitting a score of 180 (triple 20) in each of the first six throws, followed by finishing with a check-out score of 141 or less.

Originally popularized in the United Kingdom, the nine-dart finish has become a highly sought-after accomplishment in professional darts tournaments worldwide. It requires not only exceptional skill but also nerves of steel to achieve this feat. Only a select few players have managed to achieve the elusive nine-darter, making it a moment of great excitement and celebration in the world of darts.

History of the Nine Darter

The history of the nine-dart finish dates back to the 1980s when it was first recognized as an official achievement. The British Darts Organization (BDO) acknowledged this momentous feat in 1984. The first-ever televised nine-darter was achieved by John Lowe during the MFI World Matchplay tournament in 1984. This milestone moment catapulted the nine-dart finish into the limelight, captivating audiences around the world.

Since then, the popularity of the nine-dart finish has grown exponentially. Professional darts organizations such as the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) organize special competitions and events dedicated solely to the pursuit of the perfect leg. This has created an intense level of competition among players to etch their names in the history books by achieving the elusive nine-darter.

Over the years, the standard of play in darts has continued to improve, making the achievement of a nine-dart finish even more challenging. However, this has also led to an increase in the number of players accomplishing this remarkable feat, further cementing the legacy of the nine-dart finish in the sport of darts.

Notable Nine-Dart Finishes

Over the years, several players have etched their names in darting history by achieving a nine-dart finish. Some of the most notable nine-darters include:

  • Phil Taylor: As one of the greatest darts players of all time, Taylor achieved a jaw-dropping 11 televised nine-darters throughout his career. His ability to consistently hit the coveted perfect leg solidified his status as a legend in the world of darts.
  • Michael van Gerwen: Known for his incredible skill and dominance in the sport, van Gerwen has accomplished over 20 nine-dart finishes in his illustrious career. His ability to perform under pressure and hit the magical combination of scores and check-outs has made him a force to be reckoned with.
  • Raymond van Barneveld: A respected veteran in the world of darts, van Barneveld achieved the nine-dart finish on multiple occasions during his career. His precision and composure during these moments of glory showcased his mastery of the game.

The Significance of the Nine Darter

The nine-dart finish holds immense significance in the world of darts. It represents the pinnacle of skill, precision, and mental fortitude that players strive to achieve. The achievement of a nine-dart finish not only brings admiration and respect from fellow players and fans but also serves as a personal milestone for the players themselves.

From a spectator’s perspective, witnessing a nine-dart finish is an occasion of pure joy and excitement. It showcases the very best of the sport and creates unforgettable moments that are etched in the minds of fans for years to come. These moments become part of the rich tapestry of darting history and are celebrated as some of the most exceptional feats in the sport.

For players, achieving a nine-dart finish can be a career-defining moment. It solidifies their place in the annals of darting history and elevates their status among their peers. It also serves as a testament to their dedication, hard work, and exceptional talent.

How to Achieve a Nine-Dart Finish

While it may seem like an insurmountable challenge, achieving a nine-dart finish is not impossible. It requires a combination of exceptional skill, focus, and a touch of luck. Here are a few tips to increase your chances of hitting the perfect leg:

1. Consistency and Accuracy:

Consistency and accuracy are key when aiming for a nine-dart finish. Practicing relentlessly to perfect your throwing technique and consistently hitting high scores will increase your likelihood of achieving the feat. Focus on the triple-20 and triple-19 segments of the dartboard to score maximum points and set up a favorable check-out score.

2. Mental Focus and Composure:

Keeping a clear mind and remaining composed under pressure is crucial when attempting a nine-dart finish. It is essential to block out distractions and focus solely on each throw. Develop a pre-shot routine to help calm your nerves and maintain mental clarity.

3. Timing and Rhythm:

Timing and rhythm play a vital role in achieving a nine-dart finish. Each throw should flow smoothly and be executed with precision. Finding your own natural throwing rhythm and optimizing your timing will greatly enhance your chances of hitting the perfect game.

Notable Moments in Nine-Dart History

In addition to the achievements by individual players, there have been several notable moments in the history of the nine-dart finish:

1. Multiple Nine-Darters in a Single Match:

In 2010, during the Premier League Darts tournament, James Wade and Raymond van Barneveld achieved the remarkable feat of hitting nine-dart finishes in the same match. This historic moment showcased the incredible skill of both players and created a lasting memory in the minds of fans.

The significance of this achievement cannot be overstated, as it highlighted the level of competition and the incredible standard of play in professional darts.

2. Perfect Nine-Dart Finish in a World Championship Final:

In the 2010 PDC World Championship final, Raymond van Barneveld achieved the first-ever nine-dart finish in a World Championship final. This landmark moment solidified the nine-dart finish as the pinnacle of excellence in professional darts and showcased the drama and excitement that can unfold on the biggest stage.

This achievement by van Barneveld remains one of the most memorable moments in the history of the sport, etching his name in darting folklore.

3. Global Recognition and Celebration:

As the popularity of darts continues to grow globally, the achievement of a nine-dart finish has garnered significant recognition and celebration. Highlight reels and viral videos capture the magic of these perfect legs, captivating audiences around the world and introducing new fans to the sport.

No matter where you are in the world, the allure and excitement surrounding a nine-dart finish transcends borders and unites fans in their appreciation for the exceptional skill displayed by the players.

Key Takeaways

The nine-dart finish is a moment of glory in the world of darts, representing the pinnacle of skill and precision. Achieving a perfect leg requires exceptional accuracy, mental fortitude, and a touch of luck. Players who accomplish this remarkable feat become part of darting history and are celebrated as legends of the sport.

While the achievement of a nine-darter remains rare and elusive, the pursuit of perfection continues to captivate both players and fans. The memories created through these moments of darting brilliance are cherished and add to the rich tapestry of the sport.

So, keep practicing, hone your skills, and who knows, you might just be the next player to achieve the near-impossible and hit a nine-dart finish in a professional darts tournament.

Key Takeaways: What is a Nine Darter?

  • A nine darter is the perfect score achievable in the game of darts.
  • It involves hitting all 501 points with just nine darts.
  • Only a few professional players have achieved this feat.
  • It requires precision, accuracy, and skill in throwing the darts.
  • A nine darter is considered a significant achievement in the world of darts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions section on the topic of “what is a nine darter.” Here, we’ll explore the ins and outs of this exciting concept in darts. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. How is a nine darter achieved in darts?

To achieve a nine darter in darts, a player must score a perfect leg by starting from 501 points and reaching zero with the fewest possible dart throws. This means hitting a maximum of three triple-20s (worth 60 points each), followed by hitting triple-20, triple-19, and finally the bullseye (worth 57, 57, and 50 points respectively). It’s considered the highest achievement in a game of darts.

The nine darter requires precision, accuracy, and skill. It’s a rare feat, often earning the player acclaim and admiration from fans and fellow competitors.

2. Are there any other ways to score a nine darter in darts?

No, the typical way to achieve a nine darter is by starting from 501 points and reaching zero with the fewest possible dart throws. The combination of three triple-20s, followed by triple-20, triple-19, and bullseye is the standard and most recognized route to achieve a nine darter. However, there are alternative game variations, such as the “around the clock” game, where players must hit each number in ascending order with the fewest possible dart throws. In this variation, hitting triple-20, triple-19, and finally the bullseye could also result in a nine darter.

While these alternative game variations still require precision and skill, the most widely recognized form of a nine darter is the one achieved in a traditional game starting from 501 points.

3. How rare is it to see a nine darter in professional darts?

The nine darter is an incredibly rare occurrence in professional darts. It’s often considered the pinnacle of achievement in the sport and has only been accomplished by a select few players. Despite its rarity, the excitement and anticipation that builds up when a player nears a nine darter is what makes it such a thrilling moment for both the players and the audience.

Since the first televised nine darter by John Lowe in 1984, there have been numerous successful attempts, adding to the list of players who have accomplished this feat. However, considering the thousands of professional matches played over the years, the occurrence of a nine darter remains relatively infrequent.

4. What happens when a nine darter is achieved in a tournament?

When a player achieves a nine darter in a tournament, it is deemed a moment of great celebration and accomplishment. It’s often met with cheers and applause from the crowd and is considered a highlight of the competition. Some tournaments even offer additional prizes, recognition, or bonuses for achieving this incredible feat.

A successful nine darter can also serve as a momentum booster for the player who achieves it, as it showcases their skill and can intimidate opponents. However, it’s important to note that, regardless of whether a nine darter is achieved or not, the ultimate goal for players in a tournament is to score more points than their opponents and win the match.

5. Who holds the record for the most nine darters in professional darts?

The record for the most nine darters in professional darts is held by the legendary Phil Taylor. Taylor, considered one of the greatest darts players of all time, has achieved the nine-dart finish a remarkable 11 times in his career. His ability to consistently reach this milestone has solidified his status as a true legend in the sport.

While other players have achieved multiple nine darters as well, Taylor’s record is an incredible testament to his exceptional skills and dedication to the game. His numerous nine-dart finishes have left an indelible mark on the history of professional darts.



So, what is a nine darter? It’s when a darts player scores a perfect game in just nine throws. This means hitting the triple 20 three times in a row, followed by hitting the triple 19, and then finishing it off with the bullseye. It’s an incredibly rare and impressive feat that only a few players have accomplished in professional darts competitions. The nine darter is the pinnacle of skill and accuracy in the game of darts, and it’s something that players aspire to achieve.