How to Play Cricket with Darts? | Easy-to-learn Directions

Are you interested in exploring how to play cricket darts for enjoying plenty of entertainment and fun?

We say, “Good luck”.

But, if you have no better idea of how to play cricket with darts, it perhaps is bad luck for you. Don’t worry because the great news is it is relatively easy to learn from beginners to professionals level players

Anyway, darts cricket is the most well-regarded sport around the world, especially in the United States. 

The main target is to go through the closest dartboard and Bull’s-eye to win more points than the antagonist player.

However, in this write-up, we are going to deliver you comprehensive directions to learn more about how to play cricket darts.

What’s necessary to play cricket with darts?

First, we talk about some fundamental elements perhaps you know or don’t know. Read the main points:

  1. Just merely a dashboard.
  2. At least three darts boards or more
  3. Chalkboard and chalk or paper and pen to resist score. Also, players can use the phone’s cricket scoreboard.

Have you got a clear concept of the dartboard?

This dartboard is probably not designed to the circular shape of ‘pie slices’ with one slice for each amount one through twenty. You notice an outer double ring that runs through the horizontal area of the dartboard. 

Plus, the interior triple ring is placed between the center bullseye and the dartboard’s double ring. There are two parts of the bullseye: the inner part and the outer bullseye.

The Number of Players

Cricket is a fantastic darts sport for the beginner to expert levels. A one-versus-one player or team-mates play it. Whatever you play with two, three, or four players, that don’t matter. Remember, the rules of this game are equal for the more players.

The game’s goal is to hit the open or close all the cricket numbers and acquire higher numbers on the board before your competitor does. There is no specific cricket darts distance.

Cricket numbers

A standard and most commonly used cricket manipulates the numbers 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, and the bull’s-eye for playing. The less frequently used number of the dartboard 10 to 20 and the Bull.

How to play cricket with darts?

Anyone can play cricket darts by understanding darts cricket strategy and rules. Don’t think that it is hard to play as well as hard to protect your competitor.

See the below guide on how to play cricket with darts.

To open or close the numeral, you should score at least three times in any tradition; then, you need to turn one or more. 

Try to smash the triple for opening or closing a number in one throw. Plus, for two throws, a single and double may close or open it, and three singles will open or close it in three throws.  

You can exempt in strict variants which count on down 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20. You do not have to open or close in any particular order and several numbers that may hit the same turn. On the other hand, you have to use the scoreboard for keeping track of hitting all numbers. 

It is quite manageable to mark the hitting numbers. When you hit one number, you mark by placing a slash (/). For second hitting, you create the slash to an X and third time, make a circle (0) around the previous X.

How do you score cricket darts?

For achieving any score, players have to throw their dart at any number from twenty to fifteen as well as the bull. Most of the players’ dream of slamming each number 

and even bullseye three terms as well. 

According to the report, Wikipedia- count two attacks as double and three hits as triples. Count two for the inner bullseye and one for the outer bullseye. 

If you are a first player, you can punch three times of any number explained to open the number.

Next, you hit on the open number count getting triple 20 gains 60 points until your competitors are hitting. Then, that number three time closes, you need to eliminate it.

The calculation is simple. Your double-ring scores indicate the double number’s value. And, the inner ring scores suggest the triple number’s value. To find a result, you can follow the dart cricket scoreboard.

Now the question is, what is the bullseye worth in cricket?

The straightforward answer is that the bullseye worth is twenty-five points outer. The inner-circle or double bull is worth fifty points in cricket. When you can open and close all the obligatory numbers and bull besides acquiring more points than the opponent, you are a winner.

Remember, don’t forget to count your score. Because if any player skips recording his/her score before the next player reaches, that player’s score is not counting.

How to turn on?

One player or each player throws one dart from each group or personally for turning on this game. This method is called the ‘diddle’. Which player goes to the closest to the center point first, he wins. 

The problem creates when both players or teams stay in the same section of the bullseye. In this case, both players get the scope of throwing their dart three times against the opponent. Players can not hit any number. Their last dart is counted as a result.

The cricket darts play will continue when players have opened or closed all numbers and acquired the highest score. It is nearly impossible to catch up on other players if one team goes through the leading points. 

What are 3 Bullseyes in darts called?

Generally, players would like to hurl the darts closest to the bullseye for deciding who is to throw first before starting the tournament.

In most darts games, the bullseye is highly recommended to use as a portion of a three-part tie to the breaker adding the triple twenty. 

Do you know what’s the “Alan Evans Shot”?

It is one kind of method of hitting darts as three bullseyes.

What is C dart cricket?

The meaning of the C dart cricket relates to the higher score numbers. It can happen when players smash or hit the darts board by throwing at least three darts. Then, it is converted to the hit darts eg number.

How Do You Play English Cricket Darts?

To play English cricket darts, you have to consider two players or two teams. This game is recommended to use multiple numbers of playing. But, more than forty is the higher number. On the other hand, number twenty is excellent.

Understanding how to play English cricket darts?

There are two players like one batter and another bowler where the principle is that the batter player belongs first. And, the bowler works for reducing the wickets in slamming the bull’s-eyes. 

One wicket lessens because of hitting a single bull’s-eye. In most cases, the batter tries to acquire any score when the wickets continue. Keep in mind, when the score is up to forty, that is in the count.

The English cricket darts game ends when the bowler crosses out the ten (all) wickets. The player who acquires the most points or runs, he/she is the winner of this game.

The Final Words

There is no doubt that cricket is not only a popular game but a source of lots of pleasure. Anyone who loves to play with the other person can learn this sport within a short time. Just need to consider the basic principles of the cricket darts game. Because there is no option to ignore its playing rules and regulations.

Ultimately, we have presented here all of the directions on how to play cricket with darts.

Now, turn on your steps to ensure that.