Best Professional Dart Boards (Learn Exactly Why)

Best Professional Dart Boards-(Learn Exactly Why)

Sometimes we look forward to go going to the pubs not only for a drink but also to play a few rounds of dart with our friends because it is still one of the most popular games at pubs and clubs. However, it can also get pretty crowded at bars and sometimes you don’t even get a chance to play, which can be a disappointment, especially if you are a lover of the game. The best thing to do is to get a dartboard for yourself so you can enjoy the game whenever you like, Having a dartboard at home or in the office will provide you with unlimited fun and also give you the opportunity to play host to some great-together with friends where you can challenge each other to endless games. No more waiting in line or going to different public places to enjoy a good game of dart, you can have all the fun at home this way. But before you rush out and get a dartboard, there are a few things that must be looked into.

You must remember that not all boards are the same and until and unless you are fully equipped with knowledge on what is out there, you may be at risk of making the wrong purchase. For the best dartboards in the market, you need to check out the ones designed for professional use, because they are made of high-grade materials and offer the best usability. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of the top 5 dart boards for professional use and also included a buying guide to give you an idea of what factors to consider.

1. Winmau Diamond Plus Bristle Dartboard

Professional-Level Staple Free Dartboard

We must start of by mentioning just how durable this board is. When we are talking about professional grade dart boards, durability is a key factor and we must say that the Winmau Diamond Plus Bristle Dartboard does not disappoint in that segment. The board is made from Kenyan sisal. This material does not only give the board its amazing vibrant features, but also heals itself once the dart is removed. Because the board repairs the holes automatically by closing up, the life of the board’s surface is prolonged. Another wonderful way this board manages to impress is by incorporating a really thin wiring system. It is much thinner than its previous models but is extremely strong and reliable. The galvanized steel used to make the spider promotes a higher scoring rate which results in better competition. With triangular-shaped wiring you will also notice how the darts are deflected to the boards instead of bouncing out. You can use soft tip darts but steel tip points are recommended.


  • Kenyan sisal mends itself, closing up upon removal of dart
  • Triangular shaped wiring
  • Thin wiring
  • The staple-free design gives the board a cleaner look and reduces bounce outs
  • Durable


  • Some customers have complained about the center protruding after a few months of use

2. DMI Bandit Staple-Free Bristle Dartboard

Specialty: A completely staple-free dart board with thin steel embedded segments

If you are very competitive then you shouldn’t settle for anything less than one of the best professional-grade dart boards available. The Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard by DMI is an official World Cup Dart Board since 1999 and is certified by the World Dart Federation.  It is completely staple-free so there are no annoying staples to come in the way of your throw or cluttering the look of the board. It is made from high grade sisal, which promotes a better and longer life of the item. The steel dividers are all embedded in the bristles for a sturdier hold and firm construction.  With no wire spider and only very thin steel bands (increasing around 10% of playing surface), you can worry less about bounce-outs and concentrate fully on scoring. This is also a very easy board to mount with a disc mount system.


  • Powdered coated numbers for extra durability
  • Sisal fiber construction
  • No wired spider to interrupt shots
  • Thin steel wires embedded as section dividers
  • Easy mounting


  • Just a few mentions of a rough board surface which caused the darts to leave big holes behind. (This wasn’t a very common complaint but it is worth mentioning).

3. Viper Shot King Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

Specialty: Includes a Staple-Free Bulls-eye and 6 Darts

The Viper King Shot is a tournament sized board, measuring at 18’’ in diameter. It comes with a steel ring that surrounds the board, keeping the sisal in a better condition by pressing the dense fiber together. The sisal mends every hole created by a piercing dart and closes itself as soon as the dart is removed. This prolongs durability and also increases the chance of your dart sticking well on the surface of the board. The rounded galvanized wires ensure if a dart hits close to the wires they are not popped out but deflected to the board. This features helps players land more shots and score higher. The bulls-eye is completely free of staples so you will not have anything coming between you and that mind-blowing winning shot.

The board is designed with four vibrant colors that make it even more visible and comfortable to play. You can also remove and rotate the number-ring so that the much played on board with the most abuse gets some time to heal.


  • Made from high quality self-healing sisal
  • Rounded galvanized wire
  • Staple-free bulls-eye
  • Removable number-ring


  • There have been reports of customers receiving boards with molds.
  • Some customers were not too happy with the self-healing ability of the board, saying  it did not really heal itself after a few days of usage

4. Wuudi Double-sided Flocking Dartboard

Specialty: 18-inch bristle dart board with 6 brass darts included

This board may appear to be just a traditional dartboard at first glance but it actually comes with a tournament board on the other side. The alternate sides differ in difficulty level so you can go from a simple fun or practice game to facing tournament style challenges by just flipping the board. This makes this a perfect board for new players who wish to learn on a simpler board as well as for those with higher skill levels who like challenges. To take the challenge to a whole new level, the bulls-eye has been made harder than the rest of the board. The dividers are made from thin wires to reduce bounce offs and improve scoring. If the wiring was not thin enough then your darts would have more chances of colliding against the wires instead of landing on the board. The spider is made of galvanized steel that is strong and durable, ensuring a longer board life and endless games. The board itself is made of dense flocking which has no chemical component, making it a safe tool for the house, office or club. As for warranty, this vibrant colored board has a warranty life of 6 months.


  • Double sided, increasing variations
  • Great for beginners and professionals
  • Thin wiring
  • Durable and safe flocking
  • Attractive and vibrant design


  • Although the item comes with the notice that the bulls-eye is hard but it is too hard (literally) for some as they found the darts hardly piercing through or sticking on the board in the center

5. Hey! Play! TG Champion Tournament Bristle Dartboard

Specialty: A vibrant 18” board for adults, kids and players of all skill levels

With a sisal fiber construction, the TG Champion dartboard is a durable tool designed for tournament-style games. The sisal used in the making of this board has self-healing properties where it closes up any holes created from dart inserts. Wound paper or cork boards do not have this self-repairing effect which makes them less durable but boards such as these with sisal in them last longer and look new even after countless games with steel-tipped darts. A staple-free frame and bulls-eye make it easier to score high while the thin spider wire dividers also increase the chance of more shots made successfully. With a variety of games such as cricket, Around the Clock, Shanghai, and much more, all playable on this board, you can look forward to fun-packed times with friends and family. If you wish to set this up in your office or club then be prepared to receive a lot of visitors lining up to enjoy the various games.


  • Great for players of all skill levels
  • Sisal fiber construction offers more durability
  • Staple-free bulls-eye
  • Can be used to play a number of popular bar games


  • Paint on the rim had chipped for a few
  • The bulls-eye is hard to go through (made from hard wood)

Buying Guide

Types of Dart Boards

Bristle- The most common type that could also be the most preferred kind, due to its highly durable construction. These boards are usually made from Sisal fiber that is compressed tightly, allowing a denser and stronger assemble. But beware of cheaper models that do not last for long as they lack the density.

Electronic- If you want to enjoy a classic game of dart but in a more modern style then you can pick an electronic model. These dartboards are great in the sense that they make things easier for you by keeping track of the scores and displaying all the information on well-lit LCD or LED screens. Up until recently, only soft tip darts were recommended for electronic boards but now some models also accommodate steel-tip darts.

Cork- This is a more budget-friendly kind of board that does not offer much durability. It is okay for those who wish to play dart once in a while as the board cannot withstand too much abuse from daily usage.

Magnetic- More suited for children and anyone trying to work on hitting targets well. The darts and the board both have magnets which help with the attraction and sticking. The tips of the darts are not pointy so there are no risks of damaging the walls around the board.

Wood- Wooden dartboards were popular before bristle boards took over. They are much heavier and look great but not too durable as they can easily crack and the wood may start to show more signs of damage after some time.


 A dartboard should be around 18’’ inch in diameter with 20 segments divided by something known as a spider. Some boards without a spider can have wires embedded instead.

Spider/Segment Dividers

Whether your board comes with a spider or has some other wiring design, the wires should be as thin as possible to reduce bounce-outs. Having thick wires may seem like they are providing the board with extra strength but in reality, the wires only take up too much playing surface and increase the possibility of your darts hitting the wires more. If you want a board that promotes high scoring, then make sure that the wires are thin.

Board material and construction

As mentioned above, sisal is probably the best material when it comes to bristle-boards as they have a self-repairing quality which allows them to close up and fill up soon after the dart as been removed.

Some high-grade boards have very few staples while some even come with none. Staple-free boards are good as they give the player more surface area to score on, in the same manner as thin wires do.


You will find some dartboards that come with cabinets which help in keeping the board safely encased. Cabinets are great for storing the boards and also giving your wall a sleek and clutter-free look.

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Having a dartboard at home or in the office is a great way to entertain friends and family. You can also play solo to work on improving your skills. But, before you purchase a dartboard make sure to go through different items and models like the ones we have enlisted for you in this post and also read other customer reviews so you have a good idea of what is perfect for you.

Know the weight of darts for professional use.